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REVIEW of 'AIDS DIVA' from CG blog

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

from the REVIEW : "No-one intimidated her, nothing could faze her...not even AIDS.

Connie Norman was an the truest sense of the word. As a transwoman, she was the David to the institutional Goliaths...pulled no punches, put herself on the line, got arrested, helped many, rattled many more...and, made a difference before succumbing [like so many others] to AIDS...she fought on until the end. What a woman.

Listening to one her last television appearances is gut-wrenching and - ironically - life affirming. There she sat, knowing full well that her time was rapidly coming to an end...she speaks with warmth, with kindness...and, thanks the savage disease that will kill her. The potency of her words are amplified even further with a simple and powerful message: Be yourself.

This is our history, why it has taken so long to tell it, to share it with the world? Well...better late than never. So, thank you Dante Alencastre...for giving Connie the respect and recognition she most deservedly deserves. Again...thank you. And...thank you Connie, for being yourself."

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